Yeah! It has finally been confirmed! Smash Bros.World comes to Newgrounds!

2009-05-15 19:30:51 by Muggshotter

Smash Bros.World, a sprite series made by me, first debyted on YouTube on October 24th, 2007, and it's very first Episode got to see the light on December 8th, 2007. 5th Episode of the series has been most praised Episode so far, and is also the latest Episode of the series. There is also a Remake of Episode 1 progressing now. Flash converter is being used to get SBW here from now on.

Tools for doing this series are MS Paint(for frames), Jasc Animation Shop 3(for animating frames), Windows Movie Maker(for combining sfxs, clips etc.) and now Audacity(for clear audio, layered or something). This might at first think "there's no way this is gonna work out." Actually, this series HAS received some positive feedback along the way. Not Flash? Let's say I am "brawling" in my own league. ;)
Sure, people who have worked with Flash more than 2 years are going to rant me a bit about how Flash is better. Yeah, I understand them, trying to help me to get better, but I honestly can't do a thing with Flash. Looking up for tutorials is too late for now, as I have other things I am currently trying to learn. Taking Flash into pictures would be too much to me anway. But even with MS Paint it is possible to reach the very high limits it is truly capable of. It just needs a person who can use the most of MS Paint, if you know what I mean. ;)

Well, back to Smash Bros.World itself.
Since it's been uploaded to YouTube until now, I have always needed to cut the Episodes in parts, since they have always been more than 11 minutes or so. You don't need to do that on Newgrounds, which is a great thing for me. While the Episodes are going to retain a good quality here, they have always been nerfed down on YouTube, but thanks to High Quality-option they have nowadays, the problem has been fixed.
Since this is a Smash Bros.-based sprite series, it contains many different characters from many different franchises. It has also many non-Nintendo characters, like Crash Bandicoot and Sora(from Kingdom Hearts). If it breaks the rules of Smash somehow, I must apologize. There's no turning back.

Okay, I have received this mostly just on Episode 1, but some people say "this is a copy of SMBZ". When I ask how, they never reply. This is kinda strange, but then again, Super Mario Bros. Z(by Alvin Earthworm) inspired me to make a sprite series of my own, and some Episodes DO have some references to SMBZ's scenes.

You might want to go and check Smash Bros.World's website for more detailed information about this series: Characters, Episodes, you name it.
I recommend checking Characters-section as it explains what has happened with each "main character" so far. The Home/Front page includes all the Updates regarding Smash Bros.World.

I hope you are looking forward to see this series on Newgrounds, but I will warn you right here: The first four Episodes are pretty much lame, that show how awful I am at sprite movies. The milestone for me was SBW Episode 5, personally. Despite that, I will upload these Episodes here as well sometime soon.

And to end this, please note that I am still getting better with MS Paint and other tools I use to make this.
Every Episode should reflect something new/upgrades/refreshing that I have recently learned for making sprite movies.

Smash Bros.World has 16 Episodes. Do you have what it takes to see the very end...?

Yeah! It has finally been confirmed! Smash Bros.World comes to Newgrounds!


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2009-05-15 20:08:22

How are you going to make a video with MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker? Then expect people to vote 5?

(Updated ) Muggshotter responds:

Well, I do frames with MS Paint, animate them with Jasc Animation Shop 3 and combine all music/sfx/animations/frames into one movie. Then I convert the movie with a Flash converter. =)

I don't expect people to vote 5 on my sprite movies on this site. They know Flash is a lot better. ;)

And like I have said, constructive criticism is good.


2009-05-16 02:43:51

Thats Amazing! Good luck,Mugg!


2009-05-16 02:47:19

Oh yeah! Mugg,can you tell me what the name of the converter is?